{trephin} (tref-fin) N
1.Revitalizing style in Downtown Crossing.
2. A dynamic team of stylists dedicated to hair craftsmanship.
3. Founded by former Shag creative director Brian Rand and Moe Smith of Shag and Space NYC.

A Modern Nod to the Past: This is Trephin Bridal

It is 8:30 A.M. on a grey Sunday in Somerville Massachusetts. A car is packed with a collection of Couture wedding gowns, hair tools, Kevin Murphy products and tons of makeup. For what is soon to take place in one of the most industrial parts of town, is the most full scale photo shoot Trephin has done to date. Nathan Prescott, one of Trephin’s revered coiffures arrives coffee in hand and ready to start this photo shoot at Hitched Studios. With months of planning and countless hours of prep, what Nathan and his hand picked team have envisioned and composed will be completed in just under 4 hours. One thing remained true, the team compiled a unique story for each look. Brian Rand and Moe Smith (owners of Trephin Salon) have strong feelings about Nathan as an artist in this respect. “Often I feel most hair stylists make a bride someone they’re not, or the person they were for prom. Nate really gets to know the true woman,” says Rand. “Nate continues to expose himself, learning new things and staying on top of trends which keep him Modern, innovative and really red carpet with a unique edge,” Smith adds.
Join us and gaze upon the lavish, yet simple and understated gowns from Sabella Couture of Boston. Take in the catwalk ready, yet adaptable styling of Nathan Prescott and his exquisite team.

I’m not sure if you know about Nathaniel, our Kevin Murphy educator… but he’s pretty great. Monday night a styling class was held at Trephin Salon where Nate led the curious and adventurous into two seriously trending looks. The first look, called “Chelsea” simplifies what is reminiscent of a 60’s Italian sex symbol using only 8 rollers. The second look, “Chloe,” takes inspiration from 1960’s fragrance commercials starring Catherine Deneuve and creates a beautiful, languid wave that flows from the face. You better book an appointment, if you know what’s good for ya. ;)

Helloween Inspiration 

bowl cuts. me-ow

Just discovered designer Ashish who showed in London for the fall/winter 2013 fashion shows. How amazing are these denim looks?

Here are some cheerful and bright hair colors that match the beauty of the spring sky. Inspiration is an understatement….


French artist Xoil has a characteristic tattooing style that looks like he has stamped, stenciled, or drawn directly with a felt-tip pen on his clients’ bodies.

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am i crazy for shopping for sandals in a blizzard…. cabin fever is for serious. just kind of died for these arielle de pinto/ opening ceremony sandals….